Organic Guardian

This Brownish powder is a potent blend of vital components that make up organic guardians pest repellent capabilities. Organic Guardian is a Certified Organic plant-based insecticide, Pesticide, Fungicide,and Biostimulant for use on plants. The product claims exemption from US EPA FIFRA pesticide registration as a 25(d) Minimal Risk Pesticide on the basis that all ingredients are commonly consumed food commodities. It is currently available as a powder that can be blended into water and used as a spray.Used as directed, this is a safe, highly effective repellent and insecticide for garden and farm use. One unit of this product covers at 2 cups per every 2 gallons of water approximately 11 Acres of Farmland and as with all of our products a great value at the price per volume in the current Agricultural market today. OMRI CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Weight: 2500 g

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